Monday, February 4, 2013

14 weeks

Well it turns out some of my dramatic belly popping last week was partly due to bloat too. Thank goodness because it was alarming! By the end of the week my round belly had decreased in size a bit, I still feel much bigger than I did with Maddie this early on. I bought some new maternity pants so I will be all set when that belly pops again. Truth be told, I wore a pair today because they are so darn comfortable!

I am still having days where I am really tired but I still think I am getting more energy and motivation back. My SI joint is still behaving and I saw a new doctor for OMT today. I think I'm really going to like it. Even though I haven't been in pain for a couple of weeks he still felt that I was quite restricted in the pelvic area (basically my whole right side including neck and upper back) so he wants to see me back in 2-3 weeks instead of a month. He also prescribed PT again so at least I can get back to the exercises that helped me last time. It's only 2 days a week so I'm hoping that will be more manageable in my schedule. In terms of other symptoms I am having, I started having some heartburn the past 2 days. Bananas have started giving me trouble again, just like they did with Maddie.

I am very excited that in less than 2 weeks we get to see our baby again. We decided to schedule a private "gender determination" ultrasound. Our appointment is on Valentine's Day and we are hoping we will be able to see the gender of the baby. They said that as long as the baby cooperates with positioning that they will be able to see the gender that early, I will be 15 weeks, 3 days. The traditional anatomy scan closer to 18-20 weeks will serve as a confirmation for us. As I learned with Maddie, I will not be satisfied with just one ultrasound confirming gender!

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