Tuesday, January 29, 2013

12-13 weeks

We had our 12 week NT ultrasound on 1/23/13. We haven't heard the official results of the testing yet but it appeared that everything looked great. We didn't get great print out pictures but we loved seeing our little nugget up on the big screen. The baby's profile looks just like mommy's, wonder if it will stay that way? At the beginning of the ultrasound his/her little arm was waving at us to say hi. The HR was at a strong 154 and the baby actually measured closer to 13 weeks instead of 12...this has been second guessing my due date. It may actually be the end of July as originally thought. I will see what Dr. Deprez' opinion is on that.

I am still feeling fairly well. My SI joint has been behaving since I've been making efforts not to overdo it. I am trying to be proactive and made an appointment for OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment). This was recommended to me during my pregnancy with Maddie but I decided to do PT instead. This time around I'm just not sure I can make the time commitment that PT requires, my home time with Maddie is just too precious. I am hoping to at least be able to do the same exercises I did last time at home because they did help....now if I could just find that piece of paper.

The biggest change in the last 2 weeks is that seemingly overnight my belly started to pop and now I look and feel more pregnant. I woke up in the morning when I was exactly 13 weeks and all of the sudden there is a round belly. I cannot get over how much sooner this is happening the second time around! I think I am going to have to break out the maternity clothes because my regular pants are bordering on uncomfortable. Needless to say I have been wearing a lot of dresses the last week or so. Along with the growing belly I am having a noticeable increase in trips to the bathroom. I am also having more round ligament pains, especially when I stand up from the sitting position. Ouch!

The other night Paul and I were talking about my belly. Maddie asked what we were talking about so I told her "the baby growing in my belly." She got a very concerned look on her face and asked "does it hurt you, mama?" Her genuine concern was so adorable. I assured her the baby wasn't hurting me and asked if she wanted to give the baby a kiss in a belly. She did and it was a moment to remember.

Monday, January 21, 2013

First Trimester in review.....Better late than never

I can never seem to muster up enough energy to actually document during the first trimester!  Here I am starting my 12th week and I have to say that time has flown by this pregnancy. I think having an active 2 year old has distracted me a bit. I was also in the first weeks of pregnancy for Maddie's birthday and the holidays so that certainly helped to pass the time quickly.

We found out I was pregnant on 11/29/12, "Nana's" birthday. I must say we were quite surprised when that second pink line showed up. We had planned to start trying for #2 in the new year, after the chaos of the birthday/holiday season. We tried for a solid 6 months for Maddie so I assumed the same would be true this time around. Lo and behold that wasn't true, a month after stopping birth control I was pregnant! I really didn't think I was but as the days went on it seemed a little suspicious, I just blamed it on irregular cycles after stopping the pill. Paul kept asking if I was going to take a test and my response for a few days was "no, I'm not pregnant!" Finally on the 29th he insisted I take a test, we had some in the house so it was easy enough to do. The trouble was it was 7:30 at night and I knew that you don't take pregnancy tests at night, they are more sensitive first thing in the morning. I gave in and let me tell you, that second pink line got dark FAST. I couldn't believe my eyes. I think I shouted some expletives that made it clear to Paul quickly what the results were. We spent the rest of the night in disbelief, anxious about having 2 little ones in the house but also very happy to be adding to our family, without the stress and apprehension of the "trying stage."

When we found out we were pregnant we made a decision to wait and tell our family until Christmas. At the time it seemed so close but in reality it was the longest 3 1/2 weeks! It was very difficult to keep it from people, especially my mom and sister. You don't realize how many opportunities there are to slip up. We made picture frames with a picture of Maddie in a shirt that said "big sister to be" on the top and below it a picture of the first ultrasound. On Christmas Eve we surprised Paul's family. It was nice because every one was there. It was already a joyful night and it was great having everyone together. Nana was the one opening the gift, it didn't quite click at first but soon Kib saw over her shoulder and started screaming. One by one everyone figured out what was going on! On Christmas Day we finished opening gifts. I told my mom we had one more gift. She opened and it reacted as though it was a nice picture of Maddie, she later told me she thought it was Maddie's ultrasound. I encouraged her to read Maddie's shirt and she exclaimed, "you are???" Carolyn soon chimed in with another "you are??" without even seeing the picture but rather figuring it out from mom's reaction. Dad finally added to the trend and added a "you are?" Andrew already knew because Paul had told me, he insisted that Andrew was his "person" just like Lindsay was my person who were able to spill the beans to early. We waited until Tammy and Ted were home to tell Paul and Carol in January. This time we had Maddie wear the shirt that she wore for the picture. Kathleen noticed moments before Carol and Paul. Needless to say, everybody was very excited to hear our news. I was relieved that the secret was finally out!

We had our first ultrasound the day after Maddie's birthday, 12/18/12. Their calculations put me around 8 weeks but I knew from my long cycles I was more like 7 weeks. Sure enough the ultrasound showed a little 7 week baby. We didn't see nearly as much as we did with Maddie's 9 week ultrasound but it is always wonderful to see that little heart flicking away. The HR was 139bpm. I had figured out my due date to be August 4th. Based on the ultrasound they gave me a due date on August 6th.

Around 6 weeks I started with some morning sickness. Not the "all day" sickness that I had with Maddie, just mostly nauseated in the morning until I would eat something. That went away around 9 weeks (for the most part). I consider myself very lucky for that. The main symptom I've had is extreme exhaustion made 100 times worse but the usual fatigue associated with the holidays. Thankfully now at the end of my first trimester, I do feel like I have more energy. I still get wiped out easily but that is to be expected. Unfortunately, my SI joint dysfunction has reared it's ugly head early this time around. I had been especially bad in the last few days (11-12 weeks). I know I did too much cleaning yesterday and last night could barely walk or get into bed myself. I'm going to be looking into PT and/or a chiropractor to try and get ahead of this problem. I cannot be laid up with a 2 year running around!

Coming up this week we are looking forward to our 12 week ultrasound (high risk assessment). I regretted not having this ultrasound with Maddie, 18-20 weeks is a long time to wait for another ultrasound. It will be nice to have some reassurance before then that things are going well.