Tuesday, May 21, 2013

29 Weeks

I had my 28 week check up with Dr. Deprez on 5/14/2013. The weeks leading up to this appointment were a bit stressful and I didn't feel I was getting enough rest or sleep. Thankfully any worries that I had about this affecting myself or the baby were relieved. I only had gained 2 lbs since the last visit which I was pleased about. My BP was 116/70, urine test was perfect and the baby's heart rate sounded great. My fundus measured exactly 28 cm, right on target. I have 1 more monthly visit to go and then we start every 2 weeks X2 and then every week-that's hard to believe.

I am feeling more and more uncomfortable these days with my growing belly. I continue to feel so much larger than I did when pregnant with Maddie and other people seem to like to point this out too!  Occasional insomnia is starting to plague me which doesn't help my energy level through out the day. Some days I feel some of energy and great and other days not, I guess I should just be happy with those good days! Baby Ella still moves quite a bit day and night and apparently is getting much bigger because I can now feel her at the extremes of my uterus simultaneously...and she is strong!!

As far as Ella's room, operation install new closet is now complete. I have started going through boxes of baby stuff and making a list of things I need or need to replace. The clothes have been washed and put away and I'm trying to figure out what I will now need for my summer newborn-this is going to be very different! I think the paint color for the nursery has been decided, "Pink Innocence" by Benjamin Moore. The crib bedding set has been picked out and already purchased by Auntie Lindsay! Slowly but surely we are making progress, with each thing I'm able to check off my list my anxiety goes down a little bit more.

On a funny note, with my growing belly Maddie has started calling me her "chubby little Mama." We are pretty sure she doesn't know what chubby means but it's pretty hilarious that she came out with this in such a timely manner! One of the books we read is "My little cupcake" which I sing to the tune of "You are my Sunshine." In the book there is a part that says "my chubby little pumpkin" so we are assuming this is where she got it. "You are my mama, my mushy little sweet pea, my chubby little mama, please don't take my mama away." Good thing she is so darn cute!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

26 Weeks

Life has been pretty hectic lately, hence the lack of updates. The stress of the last few weeks (months?) has started to take it's toll. I have been feeling pretty exhausted lately. Even though I have plenty of reason to be tired, it is a little disconcerting at times. I had my 24 week check up with Dr. Deprez on 4/18/13. My 1 hour glucose test went well, my glucose level was 88. My H/H were a bit low 11.2/32.7 so I am now taking iron, I am hoping this will help give me some energy too! Everything else looked good on my checkup, my weight did jump a bit but I am pretty convinced our trip to NYC the same week as my appointment did not help. We ate like kings and queens! Other than feeling tired, I really can't complain because I've had a healthy pregnancy. I sometimes feel like I'm moving through molasses though. My belly is certainly growing and I still feel so much bigger than I did with Maddie. The comment of the week (26 weeks) has been, "wow, you REALLY look pregnant now!" In the past week my right SI joint started acting up a bit. I am able to pinpoint how it happened after I assisted with a patient at work during an emergency. Since that day I have been having some mild pain but still nothing like it was with Maddie. OMT and PT are still helping. One thing is for sure, this baby moves A LOT! She is a very active little girl in there. Her movement in my belly has been visible to the eye for a few weeks now. Now that it is May it is really feeling like this little girl will be here soon. We have to get moving on preparing her room and closet. Thankfully Paul is well aware of how my brain operates. We are hoping to clear out the room and put in the closet system this weekend, of course with Uncle "Rog's"help.