Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's a....GIRL!! (15 Weeks)

We got to spend Valentine's Day by seeing our newest little GIRL. We arranged for a private gender determination ultrasound in Brookline. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we had plenty of time to sit back and watch our little baby up on the big screen.  It was looking like we might have to return to check the gender another day but finally, after a second round of jumping up and down, she showed us her "girl parts." We were both quite surprised because we thought we were having a boy but the instant I found out we were having a little girl my heart fluttered and daddy's eyes welled up with joy. We are so thrilled that Maddie will have a sister to grow up with. A friend of mine said "I see a wonderful future of tea parties, playing dress up, sharing clothing and secrets, and little Maddie meeting her best friend for life..." I think that says it all. What a blessing!

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