Monday, April 1, 2013

21 Weeks

My repeat anatomy scan this past week went well. Baby girl was still in the breech position and lying on her back but this time the tech was able to see just about everything they couldn't last time. She was able to visualize the kidneys and arteries, aortic arch and the sacrum. Dr. Deprez left me a message when he got the report and was satisfied with all of the findings.

I am still feeling well but can definitely tell that baby girl is growing rapidly as I seem to be doing the same. My belly seems quite big all of the sudden and I am finding myself getting uncomfortable at times. She is moving quite a bit and sometimes decides to rest on some pretty unpleasant places, i.e. my bladder. I can also feel her move on both sides of my belly simultaneously which shows how big she is now!

In other news we have ordered the crib and we are pretty sure we've picked a name for our little one! Next task, go through Maddie's baby clothes and decide what we will need come August....

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