Tuesday, March 19, 2013

20 Weeks

I had my 20 week check up today. Since they weren't able to see everything on my anatomy scan I will go for another ultrasound next week, hopefully my little sweetie will cooperate this time! We talked about the discrepancy in my due dates. Dr. Deprez thinks it's very possible I would be due a week earlier. Even though it's "splitting hairs" as he put it, it does make a difference near the end of my pregnancy. It would make a difference in his choice to induce me early if that was necessary and also would make a difference in how long he would let me go overdue before inducing. He did not feel strongly either way about changing my due date but it is something we will both be aware of.

My weight was up 4 lbs since last visit making 14 pounds total this pregnancy. I had him remind of my weight gain at this point last time. I was up about the same amount but was reminded of the big jump I had between 18-24 weeks, I am hoping to avoid that this time! My BP was 104/60 and urine test was negative. He felt my uterus at the umbilicus and my fundus measured 18 inches.

In general I've still be feeling well. I still have occasional heartburn and get tired easily. PT, OMT and home exercises/stretches are helping to keep me relatively pain free. I have been feeling a lot more baby movement. Carolyn got to feel her move for the first time the other day. Next task: ORDER THE CRIB!!

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