Friday, March 8, 2013

18 Weeks

On 3/6/13 we had our anatomy scan ultrasound at Memorial Hospital. Baby girl was still a baby girl and sitting on her bum breach. This made it difficult for the tech to see certain things but what they did see was reassuring. Dr. Deprez is going to talk with me about the possibility of doing another ultrasound so they can better visualize the kidneys, aortic arch and sacrum. I had to get off the table at one point (again!) and even did a 360° on the table to try and get her to move, but she was budging! Interestingly, I am still measuring a week further along and the measurements still match my original due date of 7/31. I am going to ask Dr. Deprez if he would consider changing my due date but something tells me he wont. I know it's only a week difference but it bothers me that it's the difference between July and August!

My heartburn has settled down a bit this week after it peaked last week. I had severe right sided chest pain which I believe was related to indigestion. It wasn't pleasant and had me worried about my gallbladder. Thankfully it went away the next day so I didn't need to have a gallbladder ultrasound. As my belly grows I am starting to get more uncomfortable. My round ligaments (in the front) are getting sore and just generally feel bloated and achey. My SI joint is still behaving thankfully, probably mostly because of my efforts with PT, OMT and massage. I've been trying to be good about keeping up with my exercises and stretches at home too although it's not always easy. I've noticed my sleep is getting a little more restless. I am still sleeping well enough but seem to wake up frequently to change from side to side. I've also been catching myself on my back a lot, even though I'm comfortable that way I really shouldn't be on my back for any length of time.

Maddie is being so cute with the thought of being a big sister. She talks to her baby sister almost every day and leans her head against my belly to give hugs and kisses. She talks to her, asks her if she is ok and shushes her telling her "it's ok." She also shares her beloved bunny to keep her "warm and cozy." The funniest thing so far has been when Maddie offered her baby sister milk through a straw in my belly button! She also thinks that she is touching her sister if she sticks her finger in my belly button. She's really hilarious.

With my second trimester energy I've been having some nesting instincts kick in. We will hopefully be looking for a crib this week and I've slowly been weeding through some of Maddie's books and miscellaneous items and setting them aside for the baby. I will need to go through some clothes soon, I'm hoping with fall/spring clothes will be interchangeable between my two girls. Looks like at the very least I need to getting shopping for some summer newborn/small sized things....oh darn ;-)

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