Friday, April 12, 2013

23 Weeks

Last week I finally had a chance to go through all of Maddie's baby clothes and figure out what will work and what is needed. I washed everything and put the clothes away, organized by size, in the dresser and closet. It was quite a task but I'm relieved to have that checked off the list. Next will be installing a new closet system and cleaning out the furniture and setting it up in the new "guest" bedroom. I overdid it a bit with all that work and felt the effects physically for a few days. After some stretching and rest I do feel better. I also had a cold last week which made me feel pretty miserable, especially without many options for remedies safe in pregnancy.

I am apprehensive about weighing in at Dr. Deprez' next week. I feel like I'm really getting big fast and hope the scale doesn't jump like it did last time around this time. At my next visit I was also having the glucose tolerance test.

Maddie has been so cute when we talk about her baby sister. I told her that her baby sister's name is going to be Ella. She said in the cutest voice "Her name is El-la?" She has loved looking at all the little baby clothes and even shows her affection but hugging them. Today she lifted my shirt to "show" her baby sister a new outfit grammy bought. She ended the conversation with a little kiss to the belly. Grammy asked her if she was excited to be a big sister and she said "yes, but we have to wait for her to come out."

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