Wednesday, July 3, 2013

35 Weeks

My 34 week appointment went well, starting next week I will see Dr. Deprez weekly. At my last appointment my blood pressure and urine were good. Weight was up 2 lbs since the last visit and my fundus was still measuring on target.

The summer heat is getting to me, my biggest complaint is that my feet and ankles are swelling on these hot and humid days....more than they did with Maddie. I get uncharacteristically hot at night but thank God for A.C. One night I woke up Paul because I was still hot despite the A.C being on, he turned up the cool setting. In the morning I asked him if he thought it was as hot as I did and he said he was comfortable, in fact he was a bit cold after we turned up the A.C. This is most definitely the opposite of how things usually go when it comes to our perception of temperature! Heartburn continues to rear its ugly head, not every day but it's pretty unpleasant when it comes. I've been noticing my appetite is quite what it used to be either, I get full quickly. I tend to get mentally exhausted during the work week but, the weekends seem to be harder on my body. I usually end up quite sore, tired and swollen. I am sure that it's because I am trying to do too much between our usual "chores," running errands, playing with Maddie and recently doing more work in Ella's room. Now that Paul is out of school the painting has been completed. We are still awaiting the crb, changing table and wall decorations but just about everything else is organized and ready to go. Ella's coming home outfit has been purchased along with a matching outfit for big sister Maddie, of course. Nana bought Maddie new bedding too as we plan on switching her to a toddler bed in the near future. We figure it will be a good time to do it before the baby comes and we can emphasize the fact that Maddie is getting something new for her room too. I hope it goes as smoothly.

The reality that a new baby will be joining us is starting to hit me. Although I am well aware of pains of labor and delivery that await me, the anticipation of the sheer joy and love we will feel when we meet Ella surpasses everything else.

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